Friday, June 12, 2015


I am blogging this because it is an extremely funny story. I am proud of it because it is really creative.

Once upon a time there were three AWESOME legends. Two of them were not human.Their names were Nasa-JD, SWAGBOSS the DRAGGON & Poop nugget.

Nasa-JD's powers were looking completely baller- that's it.

SWAG BOSS the DRAGON'S powers were that it flies, it burns, it burns and it burns. So just a lot of fire.

Poop nuggets powers were smelling like a rancid egg that was left out in the sun for 21 years. So it smells like Rotorua.

Any way back to the story, JB the girl of the boys
NASA-JD SWAGBOSS the DRAGON & Poop nugget set off to find
JB/Justin Bieber.

They were trying to lure JB into Poop nuggets lair. The lair was in a random house. Oh yeah, it was in a house because it was a toilet. The toilet was covered in mould and moss. The toilet seat looked like a rusty horseshoe. The water looked like tar. You had to wear gas masks & radioactive protective suits. If you flushed the toilet it's like someone nuked that toilet. I'm not sure how it still works. The three legends arrived to Poop Nugget's lair. They had a brain storm, then stopped because SWAGBOSS the DRAGON got a little shock. Then out of the blue or out of the poooo, Poop nugget said JB is a girlish boy so he probably listens to girl music so lets put a girl song on. SWAGBOSS the DRAGON pulls out his stereo then turns it on. Then Girls just wanna have fun comes on. Poop Nugget says "Lets hide, I can smell him."
NASA-JD says "You can smell....Shh he is here."
They all knew because he smelt of perfume. JB climbed the toilet then started to dance. SWAGBOSS the DRAGON took off the gas mask instead of fire balls, it was puke balls. NASA-JD blinded JB with his ballerness. Poop Nugget ran up JB's nose and then JB blew up. The end.
Just kidding.
JB blew up, then all of JBs fan girls had a feeling in their stomach. Then all of them turned on their cellphones and then all of the fan girls hopped on one phone call. They all said this one thing "FAN GIRLS ASSEMBLE." 
All the girls ran to Poop Nuggets home. . . Then they attacked. Their supergirlishness was too powerful. Not for a fart- yes a fart! NASA-JD held up the chilli beans. He got in his taco for taco Tuesday. Then a big WHOOP came out, disgusting all of the fan girls.  They all ran for their lives. Then the fan girls left JB alone leaving NASA-JD victorious. THE END FOR REAL

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